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From the 23rd of July to the 6th of August 2018, the University of Bucharest organizes the 58th edition of the Summer Courses of Romanian language, culture and civilization. The event aims to enrich the knowledge of Romanian language of the foreign students and introduced them to important issues of the Romanian culture and civilization.

Dedicated to the celebration of the Great Union Centenary from 1918 and to the commemoration of the Romanian poet Nichita Stanescu, the Summer School of the University of Bucharest shall reunite, during the two weeks, 28 young people from countries such as Great Britain, United States, Greece, Switzerland, Korea, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Macedonia, Holland, Turkey, Nigeria and Bangladesh.

Young people will participate to intensive classes in Romanian language, designed from a communicational perspective, to workshops and conferences on Romanian culture and civilization themes, to cultural events, as well as visit some museums. All these will contribute to enrich the knowledge of Romanian language of participants and to their introduction into some important aspects of Romanian civilization.

A new thing would be that this year two workshops are introduced „Mass-Media and Publicity” and „Comic strips” for the participants enrolled to the first level of study of the Romanian language.

Moreover, the cultural and social events will include meetings with writers and literary critics, interpretations and debates over the filmography of Cristian Mungiu, a less conventional introduction to the traditional Romanian instruments, as well as a musical evening at the Romanian Athenaeum.

The Romanian language classes and conferences will be delivered by the professors of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest, specialists in linguistics, literature and communication, with a wide experience in teaching and testing the Romanian language as a foreign language, both home and abroad (as part of the Romanian language lectureship of the big European universities). After completing these classes, the participants may take an exam to test their knowledge of Romanian language, in accordance with the standards of the European Linguistic Permit.

The visits to museums in Bucharest („Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum, The National Museum of Art of Romania, the Bucharest Municipality Museum – the Filipescu-Cesianu House) and the major cultural-touristic and religious objectives from the center of the country (Peleș Castle, Sâmbăta de Sus Monastery, Bran Castle) will complete the cultural profile of contemporary Romania.

Initiated in the’60, at Sinaia, under the spiritual patronage of the linguist Alexandru Rosetti and longtime conducted by the professor Boris Cazacu, the Summer Courses are one of the oldest initiatives of a Romanian university to promote the Romanian language and culture into the world. Over six decades, the Summer Courses of the University in Bucharest have earned a well-deserved prestige, through the enrollment of the over 5.200 participants, of numerous professors from home and abroad, as well as of some remarkable academics, people of culture and artists.

For the whole program of the event, please check here.

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