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From the 12th to 14th of July 2018, two UNESCO assessors will be at the „Țara Hațegului” Dinosaur Geopark, UNESCO International Geopark administered by the University of Bucharest, for the periodical visit of revalidation.

Doctor Klaus George is the manager of the Harz. Braunschweiger Land. Ostfalen Geopark in Germany, member of the European Network of Geoparks. Also, doctor George is the president of the Consultative Council for Nature Preservation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment in the Saxony-Anhalt Land, member of the council of the German Association of Natural Parks and member of the FEADR Monitoring Committee in Inferior Saxony.

Doctor Jianping Zhang a the paleontology professor at China University of Geoscience Beijing, director of the University research center for the assessment of geoparks, and from 2016 member of the Executive Group of the Geoparks Global Network.

During the revalidation visit, the two assessors will see the main visiting and interpretation areas- – Geopark Houses, on Geopark tracks, but also some of the objectives in Hunedoara county which may be in the future on UNESCO list– Densuș Church and Corvin Castle. Also, the two assessors will have meetings with the management of the University of Bucharest, with the District Council in Hunedoara, district and local authorities, strategic, business and educational partners of the Geopark and with members of the local communities. The full program of the visit of revalidation can be accessed here.

This visit of revalidation is performed according the statute of the Global Network of Geoparks which stipulates that each geopark member of the Network shall be assessed periodically, every 4 years, in order to see if they are in accordance with the conditions of preservation of UNESCO statute. The assessment has in view all the legal aspects related to the geoparks activity – scientific, educational, in relation with local community, touristic, for sustainable development and administrative. When this assessment is completed, a geopark may get a green card and UNESCO statute for the following 4 years, a green card with a 2-year exemption period for the remedy of the non-compliances observed by assessors or a red card, which would bring about the loss of the UNESCO statute. At the previous assessment, which took place in 2014, „Țara Hațegului” Dinosaurs Geopark got a green card and the UNESCO statute for the period 2014 – 2018.

Starting with 2015, the „Țara Hațegului” Dinosaur Geopark is the only geopark in Romania acknowledged by UNESCO through the International Program for Geosciences and Geoparks. Also, it is among the few world level geoparks administered by an institution of superior education – the University of Bucharest, in this case.

As the Geopark obtained the UNESCO statute, Hunedoara county is the only one in the country having on its parameter four UNESCO entities. Besides the Geopark, UNESCO acknowledgement is also held in the county by the Retezat National Park – Reservation of the Biosphere, the Dacian Fortresses of the Orăștiei Mountains and the clarinet player Pera Bulz, declared Living Human Treasure. The four entities have signed in May, this year, a protocol of collaboration aiming to promote UNESCO values at local, national, and international level.

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