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On Tuesday, the 16th of October 2018, the representatives of the University of Bucharest and of the Faculty of Law signed a cooperation agreement with Juris Angliae Scientia, institution affiliated to the University of Cambridge, aiming to open a British Law Centre within the Faculty of Law of UB. PhD Conf. Sorin Costreie, Prorector of the University of Bucharest, PhD Prof. Flavius Baias, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Steve Terrett on behalf of the British Law Centre, PhD Lector Daniela Deteșeanu, Prodecan of the Faculty of Law and Alina Cristovici, Director of the International Relations Department of UB participated at the meeting.

The duration of the study programme at the British Law Centre will be one year and aims to familiarize the participants with the fundamental institutions of the British Law system. This will include lectures such as Foundations of the English Legal SystemPractical Contract LawTort Law and Negligence or Equity, Trusts and Property Law.

The study programme is both opened to students and practicians in the field of law. People are expected to work in groups of 20-40 individuals. After completing the lectures and passing the exams, the graduates will receive a diploma from the British Law Centre and a certificate of participation from the University of Bucharest.

Upon signing the cooperation agreement, Steve Terrett delivered the presentation with the title 10 Things You Never Knew about the English Legal System, whose main objective was to inform students regarding the British Law Centre activities and announcing the opening of the classes in Bucharest.

For further information on the program you can access the link here.

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