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Mission and vision

Through the high standards of the academic endeavour guaranteed on all departments, the University of Bucharest aims to be the most important higher education institution in Romania.

The main goal of the University of Bucharest is to obtain the highest quality of educational services and of research activity possible, by adopting international-grade competitive standards and by manifesting a continuous interest in the assurance of quality, interdisciplinary collaboration and leadership, as well as in the excellence of the activities of the professors and of the employees.

The University of Bucharest models its educational process based on the needs of the society of knowledge, in which the formation of competences and abilities plays an essential role. Renewal and reformation are constitutive processes.

In order to apply efficient methods in this process, the University of Bucharest makes its strategies and objectives public, debates them and applies them in such a way so that members of the academic community can feel encouraged to contribute with their own ideas and initiatives.

The University of Bucharest promotes an ethical climate of trust and communication on all levels, anticipates changes and elaborates on pro-active plans.


The University of Bucharest advances four fundamental principles of research and academic education:

1. fundamental and applied research which reflects the engagement of the whole academic community for deepening and extending knowledge in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and humanistic sciences;

2. critical thinking, which allows the free expression of the diversity of the intellectual styles and of the methods of research specific to each research field existing in the University of Bucharest;

3. the indiscriminate access social inclusion for students which coagulate the democratic values that the University of Bucharest places at the centre of the processes which form the students;

4. the engagement of the public, through which the University of Bucharest legitimises itself towards the society and through which it expresses its desire to find solutions based on knowledge for the current issues the country is facing.


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