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The “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

The “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest features a complex organisational structure. It includes the Central Unit, the “I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Department and 16 other branches of libraries (to be found within the University of Bucharest).

The “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest brings forth, through its encyclopedic collections (in both traditional and electronic format) an important info-documentary background for the Romanian academic community. As a result, the current collection of the library sums up over 2,4 million volumes from different fields: literature, psychology, philosophy, law, history, geography-geology, management, economy, mathematics etc. The research process is supported by the 16 branches of the library, through specialised collections according to the profile of each faculty, access to the electronical databases, to the national and international inter-library borrowing services, printing and copying and multimedia support.

Both in the central unit and in the branches of the library, the access is free to e-books, bibliographic references, bibliometric information and to more than 20 scientific databases which contain approximately 65 000 titles from periodical publications.

The “I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Department, through its borrowing centre, which can be found in the central unit, offers the teachers’ staff of the pre-university cycles didactic materials, meant specifically for the preparation of the professional certification exam and for the didactical qualifications. Even though the “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest has as its main objective to support the process of learning and of academic research, every year the institution organizes special cultural value events, such as the Night of the Museums (part of the European Nights of Museums) as well as the “Strada de C’Arte” festival, where the visitors partake into public debates on educational matters or matters of civic interest, book launches, expositions, classical music and jazz music concerts. Through the internet services, the network of the “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest is connected to the global informational circuit. The access to open sources and to academic-level databases allows the maintaining of a high level of scientific knowledge, offering the users a remarkable potential for study and for research.


Address: 1st Boteanu Street, sector 1, Bucharest, 010027

E-mail: office@bcub.ro
Website: www.bcub.ro

In order to close spaces or to organize expositions:
Communication and Public Relations
+4021-312.06.61/223, 222
E-mail: office@bcub.ro


Lecture halls
Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 20:00
Saturday: 8:30 – 16:00
Sunday: closed


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