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Publishing Houses

The University of Bucharest Publishing House

The University of Bucharest Publishing House (UBPH) was founded in 1993 and publishes over 250 titles every year, having an average annual run of over 25.000 copies.

The publishing house offers the students, the university and the secondary teachers seeking to perfect themselves an array of treaties, monographies, corpora of studies and research, scientific papers used in the didactic process – both for the Romanian students and for the foreigners – dictionaries for various domains, as well as national and international scientific periodicals; the volumes are related to the educational-formative-professional package offered by the University of Bucharest.

The UBPH is accredited by the National Council of Scientific Research in the fields of philology, philosophy, history and cultural and theological studies.

The editorial issues undergo a peer-review process.

The UBPH has both an online store as well as its own sale centre and externalized dissemination contracts; it also has its own typography.


The University of Bucharest Publishing House
Director: Alexandru Calmacu

Telephone/Fax: +4021-410.23.84
E-mail: editura@g.unibuc.com
Website: editura-unibuc.ro

Address: 90-92 Panduri Street, sector 5, Bucharest, postal code 050663, Romania

Bookstore (shop)
Telephone: +4021-305.37.03

Address: 4-12 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, sector 1, Bucharest, postal code 030018, Romania (the Faculty of History hallway)

Telephone: +4021-315.25.10

Address: 1-3 Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, sector 6, Bucharest, postal code 061071, Romania

ARS DOCENDI Publishing House

Ars Docendi is a publishing house of the University of Bucharest, having an academic and cultural profile with functional autonomy and distinct status. In 1999 it has been recognized by the National Council of Scientific Research and it has been a member of the Association of Editors in Romania since 2003. The creation of this publishing house in 1998 (founding director: Cornel Radu) has offered an alternative to editorial activity in the academic field.

The publishing house has published over 900 book titles, periodicals and papers of national and international scientific conferences. Some volumes have been awarded by the Romanian Academy or have received honours from the Association of Editors in Romania. Among the authors who sign volumes edited by Ars Docendi there are renowned figures from the University of Bucharest, from the institutes of the Romanian Academy, from other higher education institutions and research institutions in Romania and abroad, museums, libraries etc.

The publishing house carries out drafting, correction, desktop publishing and design services and has its own typography. The quality of the printings has been a distinctive criteria ever since the beginning. Therefore, Ars Docendi has also become renown through the editing of bibliophile volumes, art albums and anastatic editions.

“Ars Docendi” is a registered trademark of the University of Bucharest since 2014.

The edited volumes are organized in collections: Chemistry; Physics; Biology and ecology; Medicine; Geology and related sciences; Geography; Technics and technology; Computer Sciences and Informatics; Philosophy, psychology, religion; Social sciences; Art; Language, linguistics, literature; Biography, history; Periodicals; Works resulting from projects and scientific conferences, Cultural writings (historical monographies, art albums and photography).

The general catalogue of the Ars Docendi Publishing house – in PDF format – can be found here: arsdocendi.ro


ARS DOCENDI Publishing House:

Director: Ioan CRĂCIUN

Telephone: +4021.410.25.75
E-mail: office@arsdocendi.ro
Website: arsdocendi.ro

Address:: 92 Panduri Street, sector 5, Bucharest

Contemporary Literature Press

Contemporary Literature Press is a non-profit publishing house which functions under the patronage of the following forums: the University of Bucharest, the British Council, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Ireland.

The purpose of the publishing house is to create and to distribute quality scientific research in the literary and linguistic fields. Its peak performance in the direction of scientific research is represented by the Joyce Lexicography series which has 130 volumes. This series is internationally renowned and can be accessed here.

The purpose of CLP is double. First of all, the Publishing House makes quality English literature accessible for all regions of Romania, as it presents itself as a library which anyone can visit, regardless where they are. Secondly, the Publishing House aims to publish Romanian authors translated to English in very good quality translations. Through what we have achieved up to now, we have proven to be a good mediator between the two cultural spaces: Romania on the one hand and the huge Anglophone space on the other, which now actually represents the largest part of the world. Each new book is sent to 60.000 recipients: academic figures, professors from the pre-university fields, students, writers, translators, editors, and intellectuals from around the world.

CLP publishes poetry, prose, theatre and literary criticism, either originals or translations, preferably as parallel texts. Specialized research volumes are published (the Finnegans Wake Lexicons), Romanian literature translated to English, English literature translated to Romanian, volumes meant to aid learning the English language, linguistic and literary research volumes and dictionaries.

The publishing house has at least two major directions: the extension of the notion of a “book” to good quality books published on the internet (http://editura.mttlc.ro/) and the publishing of literary volumes to aid those who study the English language.

CLP does not tarry into a single field, as it is also interested in advanced literary research. Parallel texts have been published as anthologies, among which there is one that brings together fragments of the literary criticism of David Lodge, edited by Lidia Vianu.

As for the translations, the publishing house also publishes translated works of Romanian authors, which are signed by both English and Romanian translators, which shows that the volumes of the publishing house are competitive on the international market. For this, CLP has signed an agreement with the group of over 400 English poets represented by the literary agent Anne Stewart, who have dedicated the publishing house a generous space on their website, http://www.poetrypf.co.uk/poetrypro.html. The name of the project is “Poetry pRO”.

The Publishing House series

SERIES 2: LINGUA FRANCA. Learning the English language
SERIES 4: Finnegans Wake. Lexicography
SERIES 5: TRADUTTORE… Translations from Romanian
SERIES 6: THE WORD WITHIN A WORD. Translations from English
SERIES 7: EUROPE. Bilingual volumes
SERIES 10: BIBLIOGRAPHIA. Bibliographies, Chronologies
SERIES 11: ENGLISH STUDIES. The history of Romanian English studies
SERIES 14: Shakespeare Studies


Contemporary Literature Press:

Director: Lidia Vianu
Telphone: +40745 131713
E-mail: lidia.vianu@g.unibuc.ro
Website: editura.mttlc.ro


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