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Gallery of Rectors

In order to celebrate its 150 years of existence, the University of Bucharest has created a gallery of portraits dedicated to the rectors who have led the educational institution ever since its foundation until 2011.

The gallery comprises 35 sanguine drawings on ground paper having the size of 60 x 49 cm, created by Daniela Chirion, artist.

This initiative stems from the belief that without seeing the value in the past, we could not see the same within the present, and, therefore no strategy for the future could be designed. Generations after generations, through their restless effort, the rectors of the University of Bucharest have built the most important and prestigious higher education institution in Romania. Rectors, mentors and veritable leaders, they have been the ones who have shaped, alongside the staff of professors, whole generations of graduates who have later on become well-known individuals of the Romanian society, further improving the reputation of the University of Bucharest and of Romania abroad. The rectors of the University of Bucharest are real visionaries who have made the University of Bucharest a professional, institutional and moral benchmark.

They have brought an irreplaceable contribution to the development of the Romanian society during the one and a half centuries of existence of the University of Bucharest.


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