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The University House of Bucharest

The building that hosts the University House of Bucharest today was built by the blueprints of Dalmatian architect Luigi Lipizer in the seventh decade of the last century for the director of the Post Offices, Cezar Librecht, during the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

In 1947, the building was re-purposed to be used by the academic staff. For this purpose, lecture rooms, conference rooms, a cinema and a restaurant were made. The building has an eclectic style, but it also has features which are specific to the gothic architectural style, highlighted mostly by the cornice made up of a range of crenels, as well as by the alcoves present in the higher area of the facades.

Starting with the year 2007, the University House becomes part of the University of Bucharest patrimony.

The building comprises a tall basement, which has numerous chambers, and a ground floor where every space bears a suggestive name.

The University House hosts part of the events organized by the University of Bucharest (concerts, conferences, competitions). It is also open to the public, organizing within its quarters various events:

  • cultural events (conferences, book launches, exhibitions, scientific reunions);
  • press conferences;
  • commercial events (concerts, shows);
  • charitable events;
  • weddings, christenings, marriage ceremonies;
  • commemoration events

The inner courtyard of the University House is generous and spacious, having a park which shelters it from the active pace of the street, as well as a terrace where guests can dine.

The University House has a concert room with 120-150 seats and other 6 rooms with 20-40 seats. All of the rooms have air conditioning.

The restaurant menu is made up of traditional meals. It is diversified and accessible and has recipes which are cooked in-house, with natural ingredients.

Aside from its historical value, the building is representative of its period, having an extraordinary cultural potential.


Address: 46 Dionisie Lupu Street, sector 1, 010455


Casa Universitarilor București


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Monday – Sunday: 08:00 – 21:00

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