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The Faculty of Biology

Prof. Carmen Postolache, PhD
Vice Dean
Prof. Tatiana Vassu – Dimov, PhD
Vice Dean
Prof. Marieta Costache, PhD
Secretary’s Office
Marin Elena – Chief Secretary
Splaiul Independenței Street, no. 91–95, sector 5, Bucharest, 050095

As part of the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Biology has gradually grown into a complex platform for schooling and advancement of human resources and for fundamental and applied research in the fields of biology and environmental science.

It allows its undergraduates to investigate biological systems starting from the molecular level and up to the ecological systems and it satisfies the demands of “post-normal science”, oriented towards understanding and managing nature and human society.

An essential factor is the contribution that the faculty has made in the development of the highly dynamic fields of biology and environmental science, even more so now, in this century of expanding knowledge about biology. This is put into practice through a large number of research projects, whose essential objective is to attract and involve students from the basic programme and especially MA and PhD students.

One of the main areas is development of infrastructure and implementation of research, supported by inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches. The promotion and consolidation of the postgraduate programmes, closely connected to the development of infrastructure and of research activities, is a long-term strategic objective of the faculty, integrated with the reform and development programme of the University of Bucharest.

The Faculty of Biology has signed a series of bilateral mobility agreements with Erasmus+, which allow alumni, master students and postgraduates, as well as professors to go to European universities such as University of Padova, University of Bonn, University of Hamburg, University of Paris XI, University of Limoges, University of Lille, University of Munchen, University of Thessaloniki.

The career opportunities for our students and graduates are: Institutes of fundamental and applicative research; Public and private clinical laboratories for human medical analysis, forensic and veterinary medicine, and environmental quality control; Biotechnological laboratories for food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries; Clinical laboratories, crime laboratories, sanitary police laboratories, preventive medicine; Industry of cosmetics and pharmaceutics; Control laboratories to test food quality; Central administration (ministries); Environmental consultancy, impact studies; Consultancy in private sector; Communication, media, NGOs.


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