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The Faculty of Business and Administration

Associate Prof. Răzvan-Mihail Papuc, PhD
Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Cornelia Nistor, PhD
Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Camelia Cojocaru, PhD
Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Monica Ardeleanu, PhD
Department of Economical and Administrative Sciences
Associate Prof. Anca Bratu, PhD – Director

Secretary’s Office
Mihaela Jianu – Chief Secretary
4-12 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, sector 3, Bucharest, 030018

90-92 Panduri street, sector 5, Bucharest, 050663

The Faculty of Business and Administration is the newest faculty of the University of Bucharest. During its 16 years of existence, it has managed to become well-known both among its candidates as well as among employers, both from the public and the private scenes.

In time, the Faculty of Business and Administration has followed a continuous path of development and has become a solid and performant academic structure in all domains of its activity. Three directions of study were established one by one – Public Administration, Business Administration (with classes in both Romanian and English) and Marketing, and within these directions 11 university master study programmes have been created, out of which two are taught in English.
In each academic year, the Faculty of Business and Administration enjoys the visits of professors coming from departments of European universities which participate in the Erasmus+ programme, based on the collaboration agreements. Also, within the faculty, there are numerous external specialists teaching (both Romanian and foreigners), which come from the business scene and from public institutions.

For students, there are 33 places in the Erasmus+ programme, which have offered in the 2015-2016 academic year 82 positions for study and practice internships in universities from: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

The faculty offers each year for more than half of its students practice internships and career counselling in various public and private organizations.

The work offer for the graduates of this college is various. They can work as: public clerks in the local and central public administration (town halls, ministries and branches coordinated by the ministries), specialists in county agencies for employment, experts in European projects, economists, consultants, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, human resources specialists etc.


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