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The Faculty of Chemistry

Associate Prof. Andrei Medvedovici, PhD
Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Emilia Elena Iorgulescu, PhD
Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Delia-Laura Popescu, PhD
Secretary’s Office
Floroiu Cornelia – Chief Secretary
4-12 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, sector 3, Bucharest, 030018
23 Dumbrava Roşie Street, sector 2, Bucharest, 020462

90-92 Panduri Street, sector 5, Bucharest, 050663

The Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Bucharest is an important faculty in the Romanian university educational system, having a varied, valuable and old tradition regarding its didactic and scientific research processes.

The Faculty of Chemistry is organized in five departments: the Inorganic Chemistry Department, the Analytical Chemistry Department, The Organic Chemistry Department, Biochemistry and Catalysis and the Doctorate School of Chemistry. The scientific research activity is held within the seven advanced research centres.
The university chemistry educational system has been served well by renowned teachers, creators of schools and science, models of the current and of the future generations.

The didactic activity in the Faculty of Chemistry is organized on the three levels of academic study: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and Ph. D. The university courses offered bring forth an extremely up-to-date scope on a global level. The subjects approached are presented both fundamentally as well as from the point of view of the computerized adaptation and interpretation of the experimental data. Some aspects are treated in an inter-disciplinary manner, connecting chemistry to biology, physics, ecology, medicine, pharmacy and to the science of materials.

Also, the staff of the faculty takes great care to prepare, to enhance and to continuously keep updated the experimental activities of the students.

The scientific activity of the Faculty of Chemistry is renowned on a national and international level through its impressive number of scientific publications in important journals, through the research grants it obtained, through its collaborations with other faculties or foreign department within didactic and scientific programmes etc.

The students of the Faculty of Chemistry may acquire study and research grants at various universities abroad and may further develop scientific activities within the research centres available in the faculty.

The graduates of the Faculty of Chemistry may choose to follow a didactic career in the pre-university and university scenes (after having graduated the psycho-pedagogical module and also the master and Ph.D. programmes), they may become researchers in academic laboratories for fundamental and applied research, in research institutes and in clinical and industrial laboratories for the quality control of products (pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, petroleum products, pigments, paint), chemists and biochemists in the control of the technology of chemical products, in environment factor monitoring laboratories, in the evaluation and the control of pollution, chemists in specialized laboratories from the sanitary-veterinary fields, public health, anti-doping, criminalistics and customs analysis etc.


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