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The Faculty of Geography

Prof. Laura Comănescu, PhD

Vice Dean
Prof. Cristian Tălângă, PhD

Vice Dean
Prof. Georgeta Bandoc, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Ionuț Săvulescu, PhD

Vice Dean
Lecturer Mioara Clius, PhD


Department of Geomorphology-Pedology-Geomatics
Prof. Nedelea Alexandru, PhD – Director

Department of Human and Economic Geography
Prof. Dumitrache Liliana, PhD – Director

Department of Regional Geography and Environment
Prof. Ioja Cristian, PhD – Director

Department of Hydrology and Meteorology
Conf. univ dr. Tișcovschi Adrian – Director

Secretary’s Office
Rezaei Alexandrina – Chief Secretary
1 Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard, post code 010041, Sector 1, Bucharest 


The Faculty of Geography is one of the oldest faculties of the University of Bucharest. The symbolic date of its establishment is considered to be the 3rd of November 1900, when the first Geography lecture was held (The Object and the Definition of Geography) by Professor Simion Mehedinţi, the founder of Romanian modern Geography and founder of the Geography Department, created in 1899 within the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy.

Starting with the academic year 1909-1910, Professor Simion Mehedinţi founded the Geography Seminar, and in 1927 the Geography Department, General Physics is created, followed by the Department of General Geography, Anthropogeography and Ethnography in 1929.

During 1948-1949, the faculty exists as the Faculty of History-Geography, and starting with the academic year 1949-1950, the Geography Department becomes a distinct component within the Geology-Geography department. In 1986 there is a fusion between the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Geology-Geography, the new structure becoming the Faculty of Biology-Geography-Geology. The students were taught in the field of Geography, in a foreign language.

Since 1990, the institution has been called the Faculty of Geography.

The faculty teaches every year over 2000 students, master students and Ph.D. students.

The Faculty of Geography has four departments: Geomorphology – Pedology – Geomatics, Humanistic and Economic Geography, Meteorology – Hydrology and Regional Geography and the Environment.

The students of the faculty perform practice activities within the research stations of the University of Bucharest: Orșova, Călimănești, Drobeta Turnu Severin and St. George (the Danube Delta).

The Faculty of Geography of the University of Bucharest holds academic studies for Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Ph.D. degrees.

The Bachelor’s degree programmes offer a qualification level which is adequate to the practicing of a career which aims to embed the graduates onto the labour market through the corresponding general and specialized knowledge.

The finishing of the studies corresponding to the first cycle will be marked by sitting the final Bachelor’s degree exams. The graduates are then awarded THE BACHELOR’S DEGREE in the chosen field and a SUPPLEMENT TO THE DIPLOMA which certifies their specialization.

The Bachelor’s degree graduates can practice their career according to their competences and to the corresponding rights which follow the diploma they earned, or the can continue their academic studies through a Master’s programme.

The academic Master’s degree programmes offer a more thorough study in the fields of the Bachelor’s degree studies or in a related field. The development of the scientific research capabilities constitutes mandatory preparatory grounds for Ph.D. studies.

The academic Ph.D. studies, which last three years, offer not only an even more thorough approach to the domain of Natural Sciences, Geography specialization; the thesis coordinators of the faculty also lead Ph.D. theses in various other research directions.

The graduates of the Faculty of Geography can follow a career path within the Institute of Geography, in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forest Management, in the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, in the National Meteorology Administration, in the National and Regional Agencies for the Protection of the Environment, in the administrative bodies of the biosphere reservations, national parks, natural parks and protected sites, in the institutions and private companies in the field of urbanism and territorial arrangement, in the institutions and private companies in the field of cartography, topography and land registry, in tourism companies and agencies, in hotel complexes, in meteorological stations, in pre-university or university educational institutions, in county, municipal and city councils and town halls etc.


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