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The Faculty of History

Associate Prof. Florentina Nițu, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Ioan Opriș, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Cristina Gudin, PhD

Vice Dean
Lecturer Alin-Victor Matei, PhD

Secretary’s Office
Constanța Ratcu – Chief Secretary
4-12 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, Sector 5, post code 030018, Bucharest

History-related studies in the University of Bucharest date ever since its creation as a higher studies educational institution, through the decision taken in 1864 by ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza. After 1990, the programmes of the faculty became more varied, both for the Bachelor’s degree as well as for the Master’s. To the traditional programme within the field of History there were added the History of Art specialization and the International Relationships and European Studies one.

The structure of the faculty has three departments, whose specialists cover the following domains:

  1. The Ancient History and the History of Art Department (AHHAD)
  2. The Romanian and South-Eastern European History Department (RSEEHD)
  3. The International Relationships and Universal History Department (IRUHD) which manages most of the programmes of the International Relationships and European Studies (IRES) department, which includes courses in international law, the history and practice of diplomacy, economy, political communication, European policies and institutions, and security studies.


Some of the fields covered by the courses at the Faculty of History are:
General Prehistory, Egyptology; Antiquity in the Orient and the Extreme Orient; Archaeological Drawing;  the Analysis of Myth; the Cultural Anthropology of Universal Societies; the Study of Antiquity and of the Art of Antique Societies; the Conservation, Evaluation and Authentication of Antiquities and Art Objects.

The Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History of Romania; Military History; the History of Education; Museology; Archival Science; the History of Costumes and Adornments; the History of Prices; Consumerism and Economic History; the History of National Minorities; Gender Studies; Cultural Studies.

Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History; the History of Varied Civilizations and Historical Spaces: Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, South-Eastern Europe, the United States, Russia, Europe; the History of Ideas, of the Imaginary and of Mentalities; History and the Theory of International Relationships; the History of Euro-Atlantic Integration; the History of the Family; History of Culture; Economic History.

The Doctoral School: Ancient History and Archaeology; Medieval History and Archaeology; Modern History; Contemporary History; the History of the Ottoman Empire; Military History; Economic History; Cultural History; History and the Theory of International Relationships.

At this moment, the Faculty of History includes the highest number of specializations it ever aimed to be able to provide, some of the courses being unique in the Romanian academic field.

Our academic offer comprises 3 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 11 Master’s degree programmes and one doctoral school.

Graduates of the Faculty of History can follow a career in education, in research institutions for this specific profile, which run under the patronage of the Romanian Academy, in public or private archive institutions (the conservation and restoration of documents, documentaries, publications and scientific research), in museology (as specialists in the fields of history, archaeology, numismatics, thesaurus, patrimony and conservation, multi-disciplinary research in anthropology, archaeological topography, paleo-metallurgy etc.) for the national museum system, in the central public administration (government, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, other ministries or governmental agencies). Also, they can become members of the diplomatic corps of the Ministry of External Affairs, consultants in various fields (in areas of history, art, international relationships and European studies), journalists (written and audio-visual press, cultural and political), experts in international and European organizations or their agencies in Romania (consultancy, human resources, communication) etc.


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