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The Faculty of Letters

Prof. Emil Ionescu, PhD
emil.ionescu@litere.unibuc.roVice Dean
Prof. Liviu Groza, PhD

Vice Dean
Prof. Cristian Moroianu, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Cristina Bogdan
cristinabogdan2010@gmail.comVice Dean
Conf. univ. dr. Cristina Popescu, PhD

Vice Dean
Lecturer Cătălin Constantin, PhD


Department of Literary Studies
Associate Prof. Gheorghe Ardelean, PhD – Director
gheorghe george.ardeleanu.61@gmail.com

Department of Linguistics
Prof. Rodica Zafiu, PhD – Director

Department of Communication Sciences
Associate Prof. Constantin Popescu, PhD – Director

Department of Cultural Studies
Prof. Mihaela Constantinescu, PhD – Director

Department of Administrative Sciences
Associate Prof. Niculina Vârgolici, PhD – Director

Secretary’s Office
Gabriela Dena – Chief Secretary
5-7 Edgar Quinet Street, sector 1, Bucharest, 010017

The Faculty of Letters develops study programmes which are framed within the following fundamental domains: humanistic sciences and art, communication sciences and administrative sciences.

Currently, the faculty has five departments and two doctoral schools. Its 7 Bachelor’s degree study programmes, 13 Master’s degree programmes and 2 doctoral schools offer an extremely varied array of theoretical and analysis directions.

Studies in the Faculty of Letters are done on a theoretical level, on an analytical and interpretive level and on a historic level: literary and linguistic phenomena; artistic and cultural phenomena; info-documentation systems; organization systems and information storage in the contemporary world. The Faculty of Letters has represented during its whole history a scientific benchmark of the Romanian society, counting among its professors renowned figures of the cultural world. This tradition of having a staff made of elite professors is continued today, which offers the Bucharest Faculty good academic appearance and international visibility.

The Faculty of Letters partakes into a suite of projects and programmes which are common with: institutes of the Romanian Academy; the big universities in the country and abroad; libraries, book archives and deposits; museums; art galleries; theatres; cultural centres; associations and professional unions. Its collaboration relationships and its partnerships with the public and private environment are carried out both regionally and nationally, as well as internationally. The Faculty of Letters also has representatives in the Romanian audiences in Pisa, Calabria, Heidelberg, Salamanca, Brussels, Oxford and Tel Aviv. It also has tight connections with foreign specialists in Romanian studies and with Romanian science associations in the whole world.

Student and professor exchange programmes are developed, as well as agreements for summer schools with academic institutions in Europe and the United States of America; hundreds of foreign students benefit from courses and lectures held by members of the staff of professors of the faculty during the preparatory year or during the Summer Courses of Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization, which have reached the 56th edition.

Annual participations to the national and international colloquies and there are numerous scientific publications of a cultural nature, which places the Faculty of Letters in the top of the academic institutions in Romania..

Graduating from a study programme within the Faculty of Letters offers the graduates the possibility of being hired in the following domains of activity: education (any level of education), cultural mass media (editors, press attaches, speciality referees), publishing houses and editorial offices (communication specialists, PR, marketing and advertisement), libraries, information and documentation centres, info-documentary structures and systems (experts in the fields of information transfer, speciality referees, higher education librarians, documentarists), cultural institutions (historians and theatre, film and visual art critics, museum specialists and documentarists), administration (local, central and private companies).


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