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The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Associate Prof. Radu Gramatovici, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Bogdan Alexe, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Cătălin Gherghe, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Florentina Hristea, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Sorin Stupariu, PhD


Department of Mathematics
Prof. Ornea Liviu, PhD – Director

Department of Computer Science
Prof. Stefănescu Alin, PhD – Director

Secretary’s Office
Evelina Coteneanu – Chief Secretary
14 Academiei Street, Post code 010014, Bucharest, Sector 1

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Bucharest is the best faculty in its field in the whole country, considered to belong to category A in the fields of Mathematics (third place) and computer science (first place).

The academic variety of programmes includes 6 Bachelor’s degree programmes (one being a distance education programme) in three domains (Mathematics, Computer Science and Computers and Information Technology), 12 Master’s degree programmes (one being taught in English, one being an interdisciplinary programme and one being a part-time learning programme) in two domains (Mathematics and Computer Science), as well as Ph.D. studies in two domains (Mathematics and Computer Science).

The faculty has a well-fitted material base which includes a library, 4 multimedia amphitheatres and other 15 course and seminar rooms (out of which 8 are multimedia), 15 laboratories (database-specialized laboratories, computer networks, software development, mobile applications, robotics, applied mathematics and statistics, but also general computer science laboratories).

The students of the faculty benefit from grants from the State, private grants as well as grants abroad. During their studies, students can take advantage of Erasmus grants in universities in Italy, France, Finland, Germany, Sweden etc.

The faculty collaborates with governmental institutions and companies from fields such as financial-banking, assurance, stock transactions, software development, computerized system integration, telecommunications, as well as other big companies which have their own computer science divisions.

The rate of hiring in the field for the graduates is very high (over 90%).

The staff of professors of the faculty is involved in national and international research projects, its members being rewarded with numerous awards and distinctions (awards for the articles they publish, for their research activity, awards from the Romanian Academy etc.)

The career opportunities for the graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science are numerous and they include: actuary, bank finance analyst, assurance system specialist, pharmacologist statistician, database administrator, informational network and voice over IP administrator (VoIP), software analyst, computer science consultant, informational system engineer, informational system designer, IT specialist, informational project manager, researcher / professor in the pre-university and university educational systems, programmer (enterprise systems, web and mobile) etc.


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