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The Faculty of Philosophy

Prof. Romulus Brâncoveanu, PhD
Vice Dean
Prof. Viorel Vizureanu, PhD
Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Valentin Sorin Costreie, PhD
Secretary’s Office
Ecaterina Matei – Chief Secretary
204 Splaiul Independenţei, sector 6, Bucharest, 060024

Founded in 1860, the Faculty of Philosophy is an institution which is essential to the modern Romanian education and culture, being one of the founding faculties of the University of Bucharest.

Currently, alongside the programmes available for philosophy, the faculty also offers study programmes in other related domains, such as European studies and international relationships, community law, public politics, cultural management, the management of knowledge and others which are led by professors with plenty of experience.
The structure of the Faculty of Philosophy is based on two departments: the Department of Theoretical Philosophy and the Department of Practical Philosophy and the History of Philosophy, which also includes the UNESCO Department for Intercultural and Inter-religious Exchange.
The Faculty of Philosophy has interests which are deeply rooted in the development of the philosophical research in the newest directions currently present on the international level and comprises renowned research centres: the Centre for the Study of Rationality and Faith, the Centre for Research in Logics, Philosophy and the History of Science, the Centre for Research of the History of Philosophical Ideas, the Centre for Phenomenological Research, the Centre for Research in the Field of Applied Ethics, the Centre of Research for Intergenerational Justice, Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

The UNESCO Department for Intercultural and Inter-religious Exchange, which was recently integrated in the structure of the Faculty of Philosophy, organizes three master’s programmes in English, which benefit from the participation of professors and prestigious experts from universities and research institutes abroad. The UNESCO programmes create innovative educational experiences for the students and they create specialists in the field of intercultural management, intercultural communication and business management by offering them a varied array of courses in the fields of philosophy, history, sociology, political sciences, cultural diplomacy, management, communication and business management.
The training offered by the Faculty of Philosophy allows its graduates to work in areas different from education and research, such as fields which require critical, explicative, interpretive and decisional competences in a creative manner in analytical, research, creation and development activities, in political consultancy and analysis, ethical counselling and consultation, organizational management, communication and journalism, administration etc.


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