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The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences



Prof. Lucian Ciolan, PhD

Vice Dean
Prof. Anca Nedelcu, PhD

Vice Dean
Prof. Cătălin Nedelcea, PhD

Vice Dean
Lecturer Anca Petrescu, PhD

Vice Dean
Prof. Florin Verza, PhD


Department of Psychology
Prof. Eugen Avram, PhD – Director

Department of Educational Sciences
Prof. Cătălina Ulrich, PhD – Director

Department of Special Psychopedagogy
Prof. Doru Popovici, PhD – Director

Department of Teacher Training
Prof. Ion-Ovidiu Pânişoară, PhD – Director

Secretary’s Office
Manuela Voicu – Chief Secretary
90 Panduri Street, sector 5, Bucharest 050663

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences is a higher education and research institution both modern and representative which has the status of a national leader in various professional and scientific specialization areas.

The aim of the faculty is to contribute, through the study programmes it offers, through its research and development programmes and through the social involvement to the initial and continuous formation of highly qualified specialists, to the advancement of scientific research in the fields of psychology and of educational sciences, as well as to the social development of the community. This perspective assumes as well-defined directions of action activities of professional formation and development of the students, expertise activities, counselling and research, as well as activities of support and competent, quality services, focused on the individual, in agreement with the dynamism of a society based on knowledge and competition.

The institutional structure of the Faculty includes four departments: Psychology, Educational Sciences, Special Psycho-Pedagogy, the Teacher Formation Department (with its three branches in Bucharest, Buzău and Focşani) and a renowned doctoral school.

Keeping in mind the nature of the activities related to the specialization fields, the nature of the projects developed and the area of expertise of the professors and of the students, the faculty aims to constantly grow the institutional visibility and the social responsibility of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in the public life. This is done firstly through the implication of the professors and students in programmes which have an explicit social involvement in the end, such as: specialized consultancy given to some national systems and non-profit organizations in support programmes for various categories of people, socio-educational assistance offered to disadvantaged groups, various psychological recovery and social re-integration projects, urban education projects etc.

Along with the social involvement of the members of the academic corpus, we must mention the contribution of our experts to the elaboration, establishment and / or implementation of public policies and sectorial strategies on an international or national level in our domains of activity (educational, social policies etc.) The expertise of the members of the Faculty has been exploited in a multitude of such documents and initiatives, such as the development of the Frame of Reference of the National Curriculum, of the didactic personnel formation policies or of the socio-educational integration strategies of individual with special educational needs etc.

Within the Faculty there is also the Distance Learning, Continuous Formation and Professional Conversion Department (DLCFPC), established in 1999.

DLCFPC offers the following study programmes: Pre-School and Primary Educational Pedagogy (Bachelor’s degree studies) and Educational Management, Educational Counselling and Informational Technology and Communication in Education (Master’s degree studies), which are accredited, by ARACIS as PTE (part-time education).

Graduates of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences may follow a didactic career in the pre-university and university fields, research activity in the related institutions, counselling activities, educational and professional orientation, they can offer their expertise in criminalistics laboratories and judicial evaluation, psychological screenings in transport, counselling and psycho-therapy (personal, family, group therapy etc.), psychological assistance in medical institutions and social assistance institutions, psychological consultancy in governmental, non-governmental or private organizations, psychological assistance in sports, psychological expertise in military institution laboratories, educational marketing, consultancy activities and programme evaluation activities, expertise in the design and implementation of the curriculum, psycho-pedagogic and social assistance, speech therapy etc.


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