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The Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology

Pr. prof. Wilhelm Dancă, PhD
Vice Dean
Lecturer pr. Emil Moraru, PhD
Secretary’s Office
Simona-Veronica Velicu – Chief Secretary

19 General Berthelot Street, sector 1, Bucharest, 010164

The Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology trains religion teachers for the middle and high school, as well as researchers in the field of theology and social assistants.

The educational plan was structured based on the requirements of the proficiency of the teachers, combining theological disciplines with pedagogical ones. The students are trained for being social assistants through a variety of social disciplines both theoretical and practical in nature: psychology, sociology, social psychology, humanistic development, social assistance theory, social assistance methods etc.

Alongside all this there is also the specialized practice which ensures the formation of specific abilities to use the leverage offered by social assistance and the means to apply humanistic and Christian values in order to assist underprivileged individuals.

Part of the graduates of the faculty go towards various occupations (Christian press, tourism agencies for pilgrims) which require a comprehensive general training as well as means of expression which are specific to the field of Christian life.

The others head towards work places in the field of social assistance which cover a very large social sphere: Catholic parishes, penitentiaries, asylums, orphanages, governmental and non-governmental institutions which are meant for social assistance.

The faculty also holds courses for professional formation outside of its curricular field (the intensive Biblical Hebrew course as well as the German theological terminology course held in collaboration with the Faculty of Theology of Chur, Switzerland), as well as conferences and study trips.

Other professional directions which can be followed by the graduates of the Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology are: workers in the social systems of Churches, research assistants, researchers in the field of education, social assistants in medical institutions, social assistants in parishes, human resources positions in private companies, public relations positions, advertising, editors for magazines on social issues, radio stations or television, researchers in the field of social sciences, counselling companies and workforce companies.


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