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The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work



Prof. Doru Buzducea, PhD

Vice Dean
Prof. Gabriel Jderu, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Valentina Rujoiu, PhD

Vice Dean
Lecturer Smaranda Witec, PhD

Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Darie Cristea, PhD


Department of Sociology
Prof. Liviu Chelcea, PhD – Director

Department of Social Work
Associate Prof. Adrian Nicolae Dan, PhD – Director

Secretary’s Office
Monica Badea – Chief Secretary
9 Schitu Măgureanu Street, sector 1, Bucharest90 Panduri Street, sector 5, Bucharest

The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work has seen an explosive growth during the last years, especially through the development of Master’s degree and Ph.D. education.

The organizational support of this growth was achieved through the augmentation of the space dedicated to education, or more precisely through the extension of the new faculty building: the new building offers an educational space which doubles the former space.

Currently, the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work creates specialists in social sciences through its four Bachelor’s degree programmes, Sociology, Social Assistance, Human Resources and Anthropology, 14 Master’s programmes (two-year long programmes) and Ph.D. programmes, which have over 120 Ph.D. students enrolled during the internship process, in both full-time and part-time studying.

The applied research is represented by the eight research centres, where professors, Master’s degree students and Ph.D. students collaborate: the Centre for European Studies on Occupying the Workforce and of Social Policies, the Centre for Research on Social Structures and Processes, the Geopolitics and Visual Anthropology Centre, the Senior Services Centre, the Centre for Media Studies and New Communication Technologies, the Centre for Regional Security Policies, the Centre for the Prevention and Control of Drugs and Criminality, the Centre for Research in the Field of Human Resources, Management and Marketing, the Centre of Research and Innovation in Social Services.

The cooperation with the institutions in the country and abroad is encouraged through the organization and development of international educational and research programmes. One of these programmes, Erasmus, is always treated with priority.

The transfer of academic credits allows for international inter-university mobility of students and of professors which represents the shortest way to the transformation of the faculty in an innovative institution.

Graduates of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work can work in public opinion poll institutes, in human resources departments, in public administration and public policies, non-governmental organizations, in the pre-university and university educational fields, in European agencies and development programmes, in public relations, in academic scientific research, in mass-media and advertisement, in social assistance and specialized services institutions (schools, hospitals, penitentiaries, ministries etc.), in risk group assistance, they can perform counselling activities and victim protection in organizations which have community-development programmes, they can offer educational assistance and counselling, psycho-social counselling etc.


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