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The Foreign Language Centre of the University of Bucharest

The Foreign Language Centre of the University of Bucharest awards certificates for the following languages: Romanian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Bulgarian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese etc.

The testing sessions are always held by a member of the staff of professors from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Bucharest.

The cost for a simple certificate (which is valid two years) is 150 RON. The amount is paid beforehand at 1 Schitul Măgureanu Boulevard, 2nd floor, the Foreign Language Centre (FLC) by Ms. Bianca Dumitriu.

Candidates are tested for their competence when it comes to speech, apprehension of the spoken language, reading and understanding of the content of the read material, with a four distinct steps evaluation for each competence. There are specific tests for writing, speaking, reading out loud, and apprehension of a written text and of oral instructions.
There is no specific bibliography.

The language level is standard, comprising texts from recent newspapers, from school course books for the target language, conversations on usual topics, such as allowing the candidate to introduce themselves, their objectives and their work etc. The test lasts for about an hour.

The certificate does not include a grade or an overall score, but rather uses descriptions such as “Cannot be understood when speaking this language” or “Fluent, correct speech, which can be easily understood”. For each competence there is a mark from 1 to 100, and the sum of these marks is mentioned in the certificate. The certificate is in agreement with the Common European Framework of Reference for the description of teaching and learning foreign languages for all five linguistic competences.

The certificates offer access to study grants, employments, to signing up for the Ph.D. exams etc. Some faculties which have a neo-philological profile accept these certificates as a description of the foreign language knowledge for the entrance exam.

The FLC certificate has no connection to the entrance examination for the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Bucharest. The maximum level of knowledge which is acknowledged by the FLC certificate is relative to normal social situations and does not necessarily correspond with the optimal results for the entrance examination for college, which is also relative to the students’ knowledge in linguistics, literature and general knowledge. Also, the FLC certificates replace neither the professional translator certificates for various fields, nor the ones awarded by the Ministry of Justice.

In order to sign up, the candidates have to fill in a written request at the headquarters. Afterwards, they will be scheduled for the soonest possible date, as the testing sessions are usually held once per week for each language.

ECL Certificates
The ECL-type certificates, awarded by the European Consortium for the Certification of Attainment in Modern Languages are useful to people who migrate and who wish to be integrated in the European space. They constitute a useful component when getting hired or promoted, similar to the European Language Passport.
The tests are conceptualised similarly for languages such as: Romanian, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian and Slovakian.

The tests have unlimited validity and are acknowledged by the member states of the European Consortium.
The ECL examination fee is 100 EUR.

Extra costs:
Changing the examination date: 10 EUR
Re-examination: 25 EUR
Losing the certificate and asking for a duplicate: 20 EUR
Test example: 8 EUR

For identification purposes, you will need an identification card and the sign-up form.
The tests are held according to a schedule. For details regarding the means of examination, the dates, the languages tested, other ECL centres in Romania, the candidate’s guide, and test samples please go to the webpage of the ECL National Centre.

The Portfolio and the European Language Passport
The Portfolio and the European Language Passport are documents which are acknowledged in the whole European space, thus being useful components for hiring and for applying for an academic study programme, as they have unlimited validity.

To obtain the Portfolio and the European Language Passport, you must follow the steps below:

1. Set up a meeting with the professor that is going to test you.
2. Fill in the sign-up form which you can get from the centre headquarters, from Ms. Bianca Dumitriu. The fee for the test is 200 RON for students of the University of Bucharest and 300 RON for other participants.
3. The tests take place at the FLC headquarters. For identification, you will have to bring with you an identification card and the sign-up form.
4. The test itself requires two meetings:

-At the first meeting, the examining teacher explains the means of filling in the Portfolio and also agrees along with the candidate upon the date of the second meeting, which involves the test itself
-The test itself takes between 30 minutes and one hour and is made up of the evaluation of the five competences included in the European Language Passport: apprehension of a text listened to, apprehension of a read text, verbal interaction, creation of an oral discourse and written articulation.
-Come back to the Accounting Department with the sign-up form and with the European Passport filled in by the examining professor.
-The certificate which comes along with the Portfolio and with the European Language Passport will be issued in a maximum of 48 hours.

If you live outside of Bucharest, you can ask for the organization of the testing by phone, so as to be able to pick up the certificate in the same day.


    Centre Director:
    Professor Diana Ioniță, PhD

    Telephone: +4021-312.54.54
    E-mail: diana.ionita@lls.unibuc.ro

    Monday-Friday between 09:00-14:00

    Address: 1 Schitu Măgureanu Boulevard, 2nd floor

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