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University of Bucharest

The administrative building of the University of Bucharest (Rector’s Office) is situated in the center of Bucharest, right next to the National Opera of Bucharest.

Its position makes it easy to reach numerous institutions and cultural spaces, such as the Palace of the University, the National Theatre of Bucharest, the Municipal Museum of Bucharest, the National Military Circle, the Palace of Parliament etc.

This is where all offices and administrative departments carry forth their activity, including the Rector’s Office, the Cabinet of the Senate of the University and the General Secretariat.
Currently, the building also hosts the Faculty of Law, the Museum of the University of Bucharest, as well as the Department for Physical Education and Sports.

The Mihail Kogalniceanu canteen is situated in the same space.

All 19 faculties of the University of Bucharest have their own headquarters. The addresses and other contact information can be accessed below.





Universitatea din București

36-46 Mihail Kogălniceanu Bd,
Sector 5, Bucharest, 050107, Romania

Faculty of Business and Administration

Tel./Fax: +4021-310.49.20 |+4021–305.37.41
E-mail: secretariatap@faa.ro | secretariataa@faa.ro
Website: www.faa.ro


4-12 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, 030018, sector 3, Bucharest

Faculty of Biology
Tel./Fax: +4021-318.15.66 |+4021-318.15.67
Website: bio.unibuc.ro

Splaiul Independenței Street, no. 91–95, 050095, sector 5, Bucharest

Faculty of Chemistry
Tel./Fax: +4021-315.92.49
E-mail: chimie.secretariat@g.unibuc.ro
Website: chimie.unibuc.ro

4-12 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, 030018, sector 3, Bucharest

23 Dumbrava Roşie Street, sector 2, 020462, Bucharest

90-92 Panduri Street, 050663, sector 5, Bucharest

Faculty of Law
Telephone: +4021-312.49.48 |+4021-305.97.22
Fax: +4021-315.59.47
E-mail: informatii@drept.unibuc.ro
Website: drept.unibuc.ro

36-46 Mihail Kogălniceanu Bd, 050107, sector 5, Bucharest

Faculty of Philosophy
Telephone: +4021-318.15.56 |+4021-318.29.74
Fax: +4021-318.52.89
E-mail: office@filosofie.unibuc.ro
Website: filosofie.unibuc.ro

204 Splaiul Independenţei, 060024, sector 6, Bucharest

Faculty of Physics
Telephone: +4021-457.49.49 |+4021-457.44.18
Fax: +4021-457.44.18
E-mail: secretariat@fizica.unibuc.ro
Website: fizica.unibuc.ro

405 Atomiştilor Street, 077125, Măgurele, Ilfov, Romania

Faculty of Geography
Telephone: +4021-305.38.09 |+4021-315.30.74
E-mail: secretariat@geo.unibuc.ro
Website: geo.unibuc.ro

1 Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard, 010041, Sector 1, Bucharest

Faculty of Geology and Geophysics
Telephone: +4021-318.15.88 |+4021-318.15.57
Fax: +4021-318.15.57
E-mail: secretariatgg@gmail.com
Website: în construcție

6 Traian Vuia Street, 020956, sector 2, Bucharest

Faculty of History
Telephone: +4021-314.53.89 |+4021-305.37.08
Fax: +4021-310.06.80
E-mail: secretariat@istorie.unibuc.ro
Website: istorie.unibuc.ro

4-12 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, 030018, Sector 5, Bucharest

Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies
Telephone: +4021-318.15.55
Fax: +4021-313.62.17
E-mail: secretariat@fjsc.ro
Website: fjsc.ro

1-3 Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, Leu Complex, A corps, 6st floor, 061071, sector 6, Bucharest

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Telephone: +4021–314.89.65 |+4021-311.68.37
Fax: +4021-312.13.13
E-mail: decanat@limbi-straine.ro |admitere@lls.unibuc.ro
Website: lls.unibuc.ro

5-7 Edgar Quinet Street, 010017, Sector 1, Bucharest

13 Pitar Moş Street, 010451, Sector 1, Bucharest

Faculty of Letters
Telephone: +4021–313.43.36 |+4021-314.35.08
Fax: +4021-313.43.36
E-mail: pr@litere.ro
Website: litere.ro

5-7 Edgar Quinet Street, 010017, sector 1, Bucharest

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Telephone: +4021-305.38.47 |+4021-314.35.08
Fax: +4021-315.69.90
E-mail: secretariat@fmi.unibuc.ro
Website: fmi.unibuc.ro

14 Academiei Street, 010014, Bucharest, Sector 1

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Telephone: +4031-425.34.45 |+4031-425.34.46
Fax: +4031-425.34.52
E-mail: secretariat@fpse.unibuc.ro
Website: fpse.ro

90 Panduri Street, 050663, sector 5, Bucharest

Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
Telephone: +4021.311.21.68 |+4021-314.03.26
Fax: +4021-315.83.91
E-mail: office@sas.unibuc.ro
Website: sas.unibuc.ro

9 Schitu Măgureanu Street, sector 1, Bucharest

Str. Panduri nr. 90, sector 5, București

Faculty of Political Science
Telephone: +4021–313.90.07 |+4021-310.08.94
Fax: +4021-310.08.94
E-mail: contact@fspub.unibuc.ro |secretariat@fspub.unibuc.ro
Website: fspub.unibuc.ro

Calea Plevnei no. 59, 010223, Bucharest

Faculty of Baptist Theology
Tel./Fax: +4021–318.15.93
E-mail: teologiebaptista@yahoo.com
Website: ftb-unibuc.ro

29 Berzei Street, 010521, sector 1, Bucharest

Faculty of Orthodox Theology "Justinian the Patriarch"
Telephone: +4021–335.61.17
Fax: +4021-335.41.83
E-mail: contact@ftoub.ro
Website: ftoub.ro

Sf. Ecaterina Street , no. 2, 040155, sector 4, Bucharest

Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology
Tel./Fax: +4021–314.86.10
E-mail: secretariat@ftcub.ro
Website: ftcub.ro

19 General Berthelot Street, 010164, sector 1, Bucharest

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