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EDUROAM - University of Bucharest

Eduroam Service

About Eduroam

Eduroam service (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening the laptop or smartphone.

Benefits of Eduroam service:

  • Eduroam provides a single solution that accommodates all the mobile connectivity requirements of an institution – it supports the local users connecting to the local network, visitors connecting to the local network and local users connecting to other networks, affiliated either to the main Eduroam organisation (www.eduroam.org ) or the local one (www.eduroam.ro) .
  • Eduroam removes the need to supply temporary accounts to visiting users, thereby reducing the administrative and support burden imposed by the ever-growing shifting of students and researchers between institutions and countries.
  • Students, members of the staff, and researchers may thus acquire a quick, easy and secure online access without campus IT support
  • The secure login system means that passwords are kept private at all times and visiting staff can be assigned a separate VLAN to keep the traffic isolated.

By connecting to the Eduroam service, all users affiliated to the University of Bucharest may get Wi-Fi access in any university which is an Eduroam partner, both within and without the country, by using their own authentication credentials, provided beforehand by the IT & C Department of the University of Bucharest.

In order to connect to the Eduroam service one only needs to login with their own credentials as follows:

firstname.lastname@departament.unibuc.ro/    firstname.lastname@facultate.unibuc.ro/ firstname.lastname@unibuc.ro

Please note that the Eduroam Service is not provided for  those faculties of the University of Bucharest which have their own Gsuite package.

Information about how to configure  Eduroam on personal devices is available at www.unibuc.ro/eduroam.

Please note that this Eduroam configuration procedure is needed only when first accessing the Eduroam network.

Furthermore,  please note that the Eduroam service is compatible with Windows 7+ OS and Android 5.1 + OS or iOS.

Users are recommended to verify their connection to Eduroam before travelling to other partner institutions (both across the country and from abroad) by connecting themselves to this network while in Bucharest.

The Eduroam service is available at all locations provided with Access Points of the University of Bucharest. The coverage of the Eduroam network overlaps that of the local UnivBuc Wi-Fi network.

Eduroam allows visitors from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus by simply connecting with their credentials.  

The Eduroam service is available for:

  • Popular PC with Windows 7 + OS
  • Smartphone with Android 6.1 + (Samsung, Huawei, Sony HTC, Alcatel)
  • Smartphone with iOS (iPhone)


Please note that AllView, Lenovo, Microsoft mobile devices may not connect to Eduroam

Windows 7


Windows 10






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