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1. Download UniBuc-Eduroam file by using the Safari search engine and execute it. This file configures your OS for access to the Internet by Eduroam service

2. Select Allow

3. Select Install

4. Enter your passcode or password of your Apple account


5. Select Install

6. Select Install again

7. Enter your username (institutional email account)

8. Enter password of your institutional email account

9. Select Done

10. Select Settings ->Wi-Fi and choose the „eduroam” network

In order to delete your profile for Eduroam, go to Settings -> General -> Profile. Please note that in order to regain connectivity to Eduroam, the addition of the profile will be mandatory and that can be done by following the aforementioned steps.
Please contact the IT&C Department of the University of Bucharest at eduroam@unibuc.ro for further technical support.



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