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Exchange students non-ERASMUS

What is the Student Exchange Program?

The Student Exchange Program is a program dedicated to students enrolled in a university with which the University of Bucharest has a valid student exchange agreement (except ERASMUS)


  1. Nomination

The students who wish to study as an exchange student at the UB must first be selected by their home institution.

The Partner Universities will contact the IRO officer from UB and nominate the students:

Deadlines for nominations:

Fall Semester (October – February): May 1st

Spring Semester (February – June): November 1st


  1. Application

After the nomination by the partner’s University, the students must send by e-mail the required documents.

List of documents:

  • application form
  • copy of the passport
  • birth certificate
  • high school diploma+transcripts
  • certificate of linguistic competence in English or Romanian (minimum B2)
  • student certificate confirming the enrollment in a higher education insitution
  • academic transcripts
  • medical certificate

Deadlines for application:

Fall Semester (October – February): July 1st

Spring Semester (February – June): December 1st

The application file will be sent by the IRO Officer of the UB at the Ministry of National Education in order to obtain the letter of acceptance. Please note that it will take up to TWO MONTHS to receive the letter of acceptance. Please note that usually, from December 20 – January 10 we have winter holiday, and in August the summer holiday, which means that the activity will be limited or stopped for the duration of the holidays.

Language Requrements

The UB requieres to students a minimum B2 level of English proficiency, in order to be able to successfully attend the courses and pass the examinations.

  1. Registration

The registration will be possible at the International Relations Office  where you have to submit the following

  • the originals of the documents submitted by e-mail
  • passport and student visa
  • 4 pictures passport size


  1. Accommodation

The UB can provide accommodation for exchange students upon request and according to our availability.

Accommodation form must be sent at oana.barbu@externe.unibuc.ro as it follows:

  • from 01.08 – 20.09 for the first semester
  • from 01.10 – 15.12. for the second semester

The accommodation fee: aprox. 50 Euros/month


  1. International Relations Office

Address: Mihail KogAlniceanu Blvd, 36-46, sector 5, Bucharest, block C – CREDIS, 2nd floor

E-mail address: oana.barbu@externe.unibuc.ro

Phone no. : 021 307 73 22

IRO Officer: Oana Barbu

Working hours: Monday –Thursday from 11:00 – 13:00


BA and MA programs in a foreign language

Fact sheet regarding the exchange programme at the UB


Tel: 021 307 73 22
E-mail: oana.barbu@externe.unibuc.ro / contact@externe.unibuc.ro




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