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Summer courses in Romanian language, culture and civilization

The University of Bucharest organizes the 58th edition of the Summer Courses in Romanian language, culture and civilization, from July 23 through August 6, 2018.

Founded by the renowned linguist Alexandru Rosetti in the ‘60s, in Sinaia, and coordinated for several years by professor Boris Cazacu, the University of Bucharest Summer School is the oldest academic initiative in Romania meant to promote Romanian language and culture abroad. During the last 57 years of experience, the University of Bucharest Summer Courses have gained recognition and prestige due to the participation of many reputed Romanian and foreign professors and academicians, as well as of distinguished scholars and artists.

After the successful experience in 2010-2017, the current edition of the Summer Courses will be held again in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. For the 7thconsecutive year, the Faculty of Letters will be the host of the 58th edition.

Attested since 1469, Bucharest flourished architecturally and culturally in the interwar period, when the city was known as ‘Little Paris’. Nowadays, the population of Bucharest counts more than 2 million people, the city being ranked the 6th in the European Union.

Choose Bucharest and you won’t regret it! You will discover a charming city, with classical buildings and historical monuments, but also a modern and intense city life. You will find here many concert halls, theatres and cinemas, cultural institutions, hundreds of restaurants and cafés, modern shops, parks and lakes.

Application 2018


Application terms

To apply for the University of Bucharest Summer Courses, you have to fill in the application form, which can be found here.

The deadline for application: June 20th 2018




A. Intensive Romanian Language Courses

Our Intensive Romanian Language Courses are designed according to a communicational perspective, which means that vocabulary and grammar notions will be constantly put in relation with interactive purposes. In other words, we won’t take as a goal the theoretical knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, but we insist upon the students’ ability to communicate in everyday life. At the same time, the students will become familiar with the main speech acts (how to formulate apologies, thanking, congratulating, complimenting, giving advice, expressing an emotion etc.) and with the Romanians’ cultural manner of speaking. In line with the European Language Passport, our courses focus on the four language skills: listening, speaking (spoken interaction, spoken production), reading, and writing.

See Europass information.

By completing the courses and the final test the students will get awarded 3 ECTS-credit points.

The Romanian language courses are taught by professors from the University of Bucharest, academicians, specialists in linguistics and communication, having a high degree of national and international experience in teaching and testing Romanian as a foreign language.

Students will receive  a handbook  and  other auxiliary materials (literary and nonliterary texts, newspapers and magazines etc.) according to their level, and (when possible) to their individual option. We will use audio and video support, mainly for listening classes. Each classroom is equipped with computer, audio equipment, and video projector.

Students will be divided into three or four groups, according to their level, which will be initially tested.

Applicants are kindly requested to specify their presumed language level in the application form.

Language levels are the following:

Level A1-A2 (basic) aims at offerring the acquisition of basic phonetic, grammatical and lexical structures, integrated in everyday conversational topics (i.e. ‘Let’s Introduce Ourselves’, ‘What Time Is It?’, ‘On the Street’, ‘At the Supermarket’, ‘At the Market’, ‘At the Restaurant’, ‘At the Bank/Exchange Office’, ‘Weather. Climate’, ‘At the Station’, ‘At a Hotel’, ‘On the Phone’, ‘Hey, taxi!’, ‘My Home’, ‘My Family’, ‘Daily Schedule’, ‘At the Post Office’ etc.). By the end of the course, the student will be able to interact in everyday concrete short conversations.

Level B1-B2 (intermediate) aims at improving grammar and extending and refining vocabulary. The topics are to be extended by studying of literary texts of average difficulty, of nonliterary texts (mainly journalistic), and also by listening classes (fragments from radio and television broadcasts). The student is expected to become an independent speaker, improving his / her abilities of understanding and producing texts.

Level C1 (advanced) aims at improving and refining grammar, enriching vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, specialized terminology, characteristics of spoken Romanian), phraseology, acquisition of stylistic registers of contemporary Romanian. The topics are to be widely extended based on the study of literary texts of increased difficulty, of nonliterary texts (according to the students’ interests) and on listening classes (fragments from radio and television broadcasts). The student is expected to become an experimented speaker, able to obtain such a high level of proficiency almost as a native speaker.

By the end of the program, students will receive an attendance certificate. On request, they can stand for a language proficiency test, based on the model of the European Language PassportThe certificate of language proficiency  will be issued by the University of Bucharest. The costs of the exam are included in the course participation fee.

Romanian language courses schedule20 class hours per week (4 class hours a day), from 9.30 to 13.30. In Romania, a class hour lasts 50 minutes.

B. Lectures on Romanian Culture and Civilization

The Lectures on Romanian Culture and Civilization are given in Romanian by academics, men of culture, artists, and they are addressed to advanced students. Hence, for B2 and C1 levels, 2 times a week, the course programme runs as follows: from 9.30 to 12.00 – Romanian language course, and from 12.00 to 13.30 – Lectures on Romanian Culture and Civilization.

C. Workshops 

Students can choose one of the following workshops, running twice a week  from 17.30 to 19.00 (the scheduled hours can be modified according to circumstances):

  1. Intensive listening (B2/C1 level): a very useful activity for advanced students and conference interpreters, which aims at improving the understanding of authentic oral texts.
  2. Romanian Customs and Traditions (B1/B2 level): a workshop destined to those interested in traditional culture, in folklore and ethnographical issues.
  3. Comics (level A2): a creative workshop that helps the participants to consolidate their knowledge of Romanian by means of game, improvisation and imagination, with a focus on spoken language, on youth language and colloquial communication.
  4. Mass-media and advertising (level A1): the workshop is designed to increase the comprehension abilities of oral and written messages based on advertising and small fragments from written or audio-video media texts. At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to produce similar short messages.

Applicants are kindly requested to tick in the application form the workshop they would like to attend.

D. Romanian Films with English Subtitles

Films run two times a week at the university. Due to the English subtitles, the films are destined to all students, irrespective of their language level. We included in our selection the latest productions of the Romanian film directors, distinguished in the most important international festivals (Cristian Mungiu, Cristi Puiu, Corneliu Porumboiu, Cătălin Mitulescu, Cristian Nemescu, Florin Şerban, Călin Peter Netzer, Radu Jude, Tudor Giurgiu a.s.o.)

E. Cultural Programme and Trips

The cultural programme includes museum visitsperformancesa musical eveningwalking tours in the parkBucharest sightseeing and outskirtstwo one-day trips (lunch included) organized during the weekends.

F. Cocktails and Multicultural Evenings

The organizers offer a welcome party and a final one. Students are kindly invited to organize one multicultural evening, during which to present images, music, specific customs and traditions, local objects or to offer food and drinks (if possible) from their countries of origin.

G. Accommodation

Students are lodged in a university hotel close to the Faculty of Sociology – University of Bucharest.

Hotel GAUDEAMUS website.

You can choose one of the following two accommodation variants:

  • single room– 545 RON (cost for the entire period of the courses)
  • a place in a double room (which you will share with another student) – 750 RON (cost for the entire period of the courses).

The reservation form for the single room / a bed in a double room can be downloaded here:

Reservation form Hotel GAUDEAMUS 2018.

H. Locations

The Romanian Language Courses, lectures and workshops are held at the Faculty of Letters, Edgar Quinet Street no.5-7, phone / fax:  0040 21 313 43 36; 0040 21 314 61 77 (https://www.facebook.com/litere/).

The Faculty of Letters is situated in the heart of Bucharest, at 30-40 minutes walking distance from the GAUDEAMUS Hotel. You can  also reach the Faculty of Letters in 10-15 minutes by bus (no. 137 or 138) (7 stops).




The participation fee for the Romanian Summer Courses of the University of Bucharest is 600 euro. 

Note: Foreign students from the Preparatory year or Erasmus students of the University of Bucharest have a discount of 25% so they are to pay 450 euro.

Participation fee includes: participants’ registration, language courses, lectures, workshops, 2 cocktail parties, Bucharest sightseeing tour, short trip near Bucharest, 2 one-day trips (lunch included) during the weekends, cultural activities specified in the programme, textbooks and auxiliary handouts, the final language proficiency test and certificate.

Participation fee does NOT cover: accommodation, students’ lunch and dinner, hotel extra services, international or local transport, visa tax (only if required). The accommodation costs are to be paid directly to GAUDEAMUS Hotel, under the terms and conditions set forth in the registration form.

The applicants for the Romanian Summer Courses have to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50 euro until June 20th 2018  into the bank account of the University of Bucharest:

BCR sector 5
CUI:  4505502

The remaining amount (550 euro) has to be paid on the arrival day in Bucharest, by credit card or cash.

Note: Foreign students from the Preparatory year or Erasmus students of the University of Bucharest have to pay a remaining amount of 400 euro on the arrival day in Bucharest.

Participants are advised to have an international medical insurance. Organizers are not responsible for hospital costs or other medical services.


Information you might need


Participants from the following states are not required an entry visa for Romania: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, South Correa, Croatia, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Monaco, New Zeeland, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, USA, European Union States, Uruguay, Venezuela etc. The list of the states which citizens are required an entry visa for Romania can be found on the official website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Participants can have lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants or fast-foods close to the university. The cost for a single person meal varies from 20 RON (approximately 5 euro) at a fast-food restaurant to 30-40 RON (approximately 8-10 euro) at a restaurant. For more information on Bucharest restaurants, you can go to:

– http://www.restograf.ro/cele-mai-frumoase-10-restaurante-din-bucuresti-partea-i/
– http://www.zilesinopti.ro/bucuresti/locuri/restaurante
– http://sapteseri.ro/

General conditions for the participants

The organizers of the Summer Courses will present the participants with a folder which contains: the list of participants, useful information about Bucharest, the map of the city, promotional materials about the University of Bucharest and Faculty of Letters, a detailed study and cultural programme. Any unexpected change in the programme will be announced to the participants in due time. The secretariat and the director of the Summer Courses will be permanently at your disposal for requirements and suggestions.

Participants are expected to:
participate in Romanian language courses
attend the lectures (B2 and C1 level participants)
choose / participate in one of the workshops
attend the study trips, the cultural events included in the programme
let the organizers know in advance when they are not able to participate in certain activities

For further information concerning the study and cultural programme, please feel free to contact the Director of the Summer Courses: Senior Lecturer PhD GABRIELA BIRIȘ –  gabriela.biris@litere.unibuc.ro.

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