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TE 110/2018

PN-III-P1-1.1.-TE-2016-1750, UEFISCDI Financing

This is a geoarchaeological project which is aimed at reconstructing navigable waterways and harbours locations in relation with the natural landscape dynamics and their influence on human settlements from Danube delta over different historical periods since the Antiquity (7th c. BCE) to late Medieval Age (16th c. CE). This is a challenging research subject as ancient settlements and their environs have experienced major paleogeographical transformations driven by (i) the progradation of the Danube delta and subsequent delta plain changes, (ii) fluctuations of local water level associated with neotectonics, and (iii) human impact on the ecosystems. Notwithstanding, a whole paraphernalia of artifacts and ancient written sources served as proxies for numerous hypotheses formulation referring to ancient harbours locations without any in situ validation, yet. At the other hand, the impressive scientific progress recently made in characterizing the sedimentologic signature of harbours settings together with the recent revival of the scientific interest in Danube delta evolution and related knowledge progress prepared the ground for this geoarchaeological study which the first largely conceived as a systematic analysis of deltaic dynamics and human adaptation with specific focus on tracking navigable waterways during different historic periods (i.e. Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Genovese and Ottoman). This issue is for the first time multidisciplinary approached, integrating geoscientific and archaeological methods in order to address the following objectives: (i) testing the existing hypotheses with reference to harbours locations in the Danube delta; (ii) identifying the ancient navigable routes and their changes in time; (iii) assessing the impact of navigation routes and harbours changes on human settlements evolution.

Publications list

Țuțuianu, L., Vespremeanu-Stroe A., Pendea, F., Sava, T., 2018. Mid and Late Holocene evolution of Brateș Lake region (Danube Floodplain) based on multiproxy analyses. Revista de Geomorfologie (accepted)

Preoteasa, L. , Dan, A., Vespremeanu-Stroe A., Iancu, L., Changes of navigation waterways in the Danube delta during different historical periods – a geoarchaeological approach (in preparation)

TE 110/2018:  Staff list

  1. Luminița PREOTEASA: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Luminita_Preoteasa2
  2. Alfred VESPREMEANU-STROE: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alfred_Vespremeanu-Stroe
  3. Anca DAN: http://www.archeo.ens.fr/spip.php?article335&lang=fr
  4. Laurențiu ȚUȚUIANU
  5. Florin TĂTUI: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Florin_Tatui
  6. Liviu IANCU
  7. Florin ZĂINESCU https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Florin_Zainescu


Scientific reports


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