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Research tools

Anelis Plus: www.anelisplus.ro

1. Instruments available to researchers under institutional license

QuestionPro is a platform meant to fulfil research based on the application of online questionnaires. The platform allows for the creation of a personalised set of questions and for their distribution through several means, at the same time integrating the resources necessary for the statistical analysis of the data. Students, teachers, researchers and other categories of people affiliated to the University of Bucharest can access the complete functionalities of the platform based on an institutional account which can be requested by e-mail at surveys@unibuc.ro.

Website: https://www.questionpro.com/

2. Instruments available to researchers for free

Mendeley represents a resource for the management of bibliographical references, facilitating the identification of publications that are in agreement with one’s own research interests. Through the functionalities it offers, Mendeley represents a solution that supports the documentation process and offers the possibility of a systematisation of the information through annotations and comments based on the documents revised. Also, Mendeley allows for the collaborative management of bibliographical sources and of the data obtained as a result of the research activity.

Website: https://www.mendeley.com/

SciRev represents an online platform through which researchers share their experience with publications in different specialised magazines. The users can access details and statistics regarding the peer-review process before forwarding an article to publishing. The information available on the SciRev platform are validated by members of the academic community and contributes to the identification of the most adequate specialised magazines in relationship with personal interests. Therefore, SciRev works as a guide which helps researchers to efficiently find their way to the dissemination of the results of their research.

Website: https://scirev.org

Trello represents a time management instrument which allows for the efficient administration of tasks in different professional or personal projects. The platform offers both the possibility of individual management of various activities, as well as the collaboration with other people when organising common actions. Trello is thought out to facilitate the abidance to deadlines in order to make step-by-step planning of events more effective and to simultaneously manage various activities.

Website: https://trello.com

TableauPublic represents a processing and viewing instrument for data obtained from research. Organised as an online multimedia platform, TableauPublic offers the possibility of creating charts and interactive maps, facilitating the presentation of the results in a visually attractive manner. By making the means of presentation of the research results more accessible, the platform contributes to the growth in public impact of scientific activity.

Website: https://public.tableau.com

Quartzy represents a platform for the management of acquisitions within a research centre. The platform mediates the administrative activities from raising and approving a purchase request to the inventorying of products or services. Therefore, Quartzy reduces the administrative effort in a research team and increases the efficiency of the organisational process by facilitating the communication between the researchers and the administrative personnel. At the same time, the platform offers the possibility of a structured and real-time accounting of the available resources and allows for the immediate identification of necessities according to the particularities of each grant.

Website: https://www.quartzy.com

WiseMapping represents an instrument for the structuring of information as conceptual maps meant to create connections between different notions. WiseMapping facilitates the argumentation process, encouraging analytical and reflexive thinking within the research activity. Therefore, the process of producing cumulative knowledge is supported through the systematisation of ideas in a visually attractive format.

Website: http://www.wisemapping.com/


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