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Student Dormitories

The University of Bucharest offers students approximately 5300 accommodation quarters in its 18 dormitories. This number covers almost 80% of the necessary number of quarters.

A good average grade in the entrance examinations can get you accommodation in the University of Bucharest dormitories.

Moreover, students who do not receive accommodation in the dormitories may take advantage of an individual accommodation support grant in the particular sector (host).

The Grozăveşti Complex
The Grozăveşti Complex is made up of dormitories A, B, C, D (ground floor + 5 floors) which have two bed rooms, furniture for two people (closet, computer table, chair) and a washbasin in the room. The bathroom is shared; there are two bathrooms on each corridor, each at the other end of the corridor.
The dormitories have been refurbished recently and the furniture is new.

The Grozăveşti Complex also has dormitory A1 (ground floor + 9 floors), which was built in 2008. Starting with October 2008, dormitory A1 can host people and fulfils the conditions for housing students in the best conditions.
It is made up of rooms with three beds, furniture for three people (computer table, closet, bed table, chairs) and a fully equipped toilet. It also has a room for handicapped people, a lift, a fully equipped kitchen and a reading room on each floor.
Each floor has a hall with a washing machine on each corridor.

In the future, the dormitory will have relaxation rooms on each floor, equipped with sofas, chairs and TV sets.

204 Splaiul Independenţei, sector 6, Bucharest

Public transport
Subway: Grozăveşti
Buses: 601

Surrounding locations: Carrefour Orhidea, The Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest, The Botanical Garden, The Grozăvești Park, The IDM Basarab Bus Terminal

Housing capacity:
Cămin A – 516 beds
Cămin B – 516 beds
Cămin C – 516 beds
Cămin D – 468 beds
Cămin A1 – 284 beds

Contact information:
Traian Munteanu – Dormitory A1
Tel: +4021-311.44.32
Paraschiva Apostol – Dormitory A
Tel: +4021-318.88.58
Eugen Iordache -Dormitory B
Tel: +4021-313.56.37
Dufala Victoria – Dormitory C
Tel: +4021-318.15.61
Viorica Anghelescu – Dormitory D
Tel: +4021-318.15.60

The Gaudeamus Dormitory
The newest dormitory of the University of Bucharest is represented by a modern housing space for 100 people and it is meant to house MA and Ph.D. students of the University of Bucharest, prevalently those who study at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance.
It also offers lodging as a guest house to researchers and professors who are invited from other areas of the country or from abroad.

The dormitory includes 42 two bed rooms, each having hallways and individual toilets, 13 one bed rooms with hallways, kitchenettes and individual toilets, 2 two room mini-apartments with hallways, kitchenettes and individual toilets and one room for handicapped people.

The dormitory offers students two washing machines as well as cooking and eating spaces, which are fully equipped.

90 Panduri Street, sector 5, Bucharest

Public transport
Bus: Panduri station – 69, 90, 91, 122, 137, 168, 268, 368

Housing capacity:
100 beds

Contact information:
Valentin Vlaicu
Tel: +4021-317.52.14

The Mihail Kogălniceanu Complex
The Mihail Kogălniceanu Complex is made up of dormitories A and B, which have rooms with two, three or four beds; on each corridor there are two bathrooms. The dormitories have been refurbished and equipped with double pane glasses and completely new furniture.

In the dormitory yard there is a relaxation and socialising space, organized as a park.

36-46 Mihail Kogălniceanu Bd, sector 5, Bucharest

Public transport
Subway: Eroilor
Buses: 61, 69, 90, 91, 122, 137, 268, 336, 601

Surrounding locations:
The Faculty of Law, Mihail Kogălniceanu Square, The University of Bucharest Cafeteria, The Opera, The Izvor Park, Unirea Shopping Center

Housing capacity:
598 beds

Contact information:
Cristina Tudor
Tel: +4021-315.55.25

The Poligrafie Dormitory
The Poligrafie Dormitory has four bed rooms, with two shared bathrooms on each corridor.

The dormitory has been refurbished in 2007 by adding exterior thermic isolation and double pane glass windows and doors; the furniture in the rooms is new.

163 Jiului Street, sector 1, Bucharest

Public transport
Bus: 331

Housing capacity:
244 beds

Contact information:
Cornel Columb

The Theodor Pallady Complex
The Theodor Pallady Complex has the Theodor Pallady 1 Dormitory and Theodor Pallady 2 Dormitory.
The Theodor Pallady 1 Dormitory has studio apartment-style rooms with an interior hallway, four beds, individual toilets and modern furniture. The dormitory was refurbished in 2007.
The Theodor Pallady 2 Dormitory has studio apartment-style rooms with 2 beds, individual toilets and new furniture. The dormitory started housing students in October 2008.
The dormitory offers students two reading rooms, two cooking spaces and two washing halls.

22-26 Theodor Pallady Boulevard, Bucharest

Public transport
Subway: Nicolae Grigorescu

Housing capacity:
215 beds – Theodor Pallady 1 Dormitory
190 beds – Theodor Pallady 2 Dormitory

Contact information:
Lixandrescu Gheorghe
Tel: +4021-345.48.90

The Stoian Militaru Dormitory
The Stoian Militaru Dormitory is a block of flats with two/three/four bed rooms, kitchens and individual bathrooms.

The dormitory was subject of maintenance and reconditioning work (including the installation of double glass pane windows). The furniture is going to be changed.

35 Pictor Ştefan Dumitrescu Street, sector 4, Bucharest

Public transport
Subway: Constantin Brâncoveanu

Housing capacity:
471 beds

Contact information:

Tel: +4021-332.43.25

The Fundeni Dormitory
The Fundeni Dormitory has two bed rooms and adequate furniture.

Each room has its own toilet within. The dormitory was refurbished and thermally isolated.

252-254 Fundeni Street, sector 2, Bucharest

Public transport
Bus: 66

Housing capacity:
204 beds

Contact information:
Baciu Aurel

The Panduri Dormitory
The Panduri Dormitory has two/five bed rooms, toilets on each corridor and washing machines. There is one shared bathroom on each corridor.

The dormitory was refurbished and thermally isolated in 2007.

90 Pandurilor Street, Bucharest

Public transport
Buses: 69, 90,91, 96, 122, 126, 137, 226, 268, 368

Housing capacity:
221 beds

Contact information:
Cherața Pascu
Tel: +4021-410.31.78

The Măgurele Complex
The Măgurele Complex is made up of dormitories G1, G2, G3 and G4, which are composed of two room modules, each having two/three beds; each also has a hallway and an individual toilet.

The G5 Măgurele Dormitory, which is meant to house Ph.D. students of the Faculty of Physics, has two bed rooms with individual toilets.

It also has a room for handicapped people. Each floor has a kitchen hall and a dryer.

Măgurele City, 1-9 Fizicienilor Street, Ilfov County

Public transport
Buses: 433, 455

Housing capacity:
774 beds

Contact information:
Silvia Bădulescu
Tel: +4021-457.40.49

University Campus


Florin Marius Ion, Ph.D
Telephone: +4021-307.73.30
E-mail: ion.florin@rectorat.unibuc.ro

Monday-Thursday: 09:00 – 16:30
Friday: 09:00 – 13:30

Valentina Brândușa
Fax: 021-314.89.73

For information about the lodging in the UB dormitories:

36-46 Mihail Kogălniceanu Bd, room 13, Sector 5, 050107, Bucharest

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